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Archives: July 2013

Special Free Time Workshops

7/30/2013 in Category

Nina Edwards
Senior Director of National Training

Jerry Wheeler has been my friend and one of my spiritual mentors for almost twenty years.  He and I have had many opportunities to... More

New This Year: Cross Training

7/24/2013 in Category

Kevin Bussema
National Friend2Friend Director

Try Googling the term, “cross-training.”  Google brings up 169 million results - this type of training is widely known and valued by many.... More

Executive Leadership Track

7/17/2013 in Category

Brad Bills
NFD, Southwest States Region

For the past year or so, our Leadership Development team has been talking about the analogy of the Iceberg. As we only see 10% of an iceberg... More

Things To Do

7/10/2013 in Category

Greg Rounds                     Dirk Case
NFD Southern States      AFD Great Lakes

The Southern States Regional Conference is quickly approaching! We are again in... More

Preparing Our Hearts To Be Better Together

7/3/2013 in Category

Jason Gaare
Program Leadership Intern, YFC/USA
Campus Life Director, Lincoln, NE

We are excited to announce that this year for regional conference we will be providing a 15-day... More