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Archives: July 2014

Get More of Your Team to Regional

7/16/2014 in Category

By Myron Bernard, City Life Director

A few years back, I was given the opportunity to participate in the Devos Urban Leadership Initiative. While there, I gained a better understanding... More

Executive Leadership Training

7/8/2014 in Category

By: Leadership Developement Team

The Leadership Development team is excited to bring you the Executive Leadership breakout this year! YFC’s Executive Leaders (Executive Directors, Boards,... More

Cross Training Options

7/3/2014 in Category

Kingdom Culture

By Darrin Miller, National City Life Director

The word "culture" today has a variety of potential meanings. It can refer to families, churches, neighborhoods,... More

Regional Conference Blog

7/31/2014 in Category

By: Nina Edwards, Senior Director of National Training

Peter has long been one of my favorite humans in the bible.  I love his passion and his sense of justice and how his enthusiasm... More