Let’s Bridge the Divide

Posted on by Cory Huffman

Written by: Darrin Miller


In early spring, the National Ministries team began brainstorming and praying about regional conference themes and topics for 2016. We felt led to address real areas of tension and potential divide within society as a whole as well as the church in America. The election season was just getting underway and the primaries were in full swing, but our hearts and minds were on the King and His kingdom. How could the movement of YFC position ourselves as representatives of Jesus and the fullness of the Gospel be lived out in our communities?

According to Scripture, the church as a whole, and Youth for Christ as a part, provides the answers to complex problems in society. In order to do so, we must be willing look at hard topics that often divide the body of Christ: racism, xenophobia, gender discrimination, systemic injustice, etc - tough conversations, but necessary in order to fully represent the King in a dark world. This is where the theme of "Bridge the Divide" came from. As the last regional conference finished just two days prior to the 2016 Presidential Election, it proved to be a relevant topic for sure. Much prayer, study and listening to the Holy Spirit went into the preparation and execution of the conferences and hopefully the dialogue and learning that came out has been helpful in navigating the past few weeks.

As we move forward as a movement that represents and seeks to reach a diverse population, may we be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and compassionate to all people in the days ahead. We are ambassadors for Christ and his word has much to say about injustice, pain and hope. My prayer in the days ahead is for our movement to fully represent the diversity of the kingdom and restore the broken into right relationship with the Father. Please join us in praying and continuing the conversation even when it is uncomfortable.

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